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Blackbird with highlights at Bratton View !!

 I really do believe that Spring has come to Bratton Fleming even though it is still cold in the wind. It is lovely pottering about with the warm sun coming through the open door of the potting shed where I am preparing plants for the summer bedding. I still find the view here breathtaking even though we have been here 10 years now. The robin is asking for more food and I am so pleased that the blackbird with highlights has come back to our garden for a second year running. I hope he survives and it will be interesting to see what his chicks look like.

Watching the lambs from Bratton View

It is wonderful to see the lambs in the field from the window at Bratton View.  The rooks are nesting and foraging for food in the field below . The Blue Tits are in the nest box and the house sparrows are  showing great interest in the bigger nestbox.
Perhaps Spring is here at last but it is still very cold. The daffodils have poked their heads above the ground together with the red polyanthus.

Rooks, Pheasants, Squirrels.

The Rooks are back building there nests in the Rookery in the lane..Powerful beaks that take all the bird food in one gulp !! but they are so shy considering their size..18" long !!
The cock pheasant has returned and calls outside the window for his corn,soon he will be bringing his ladies.
The Squirrels are here again, so all is well here at Bratton View,daffodils have poked through and everything is budding up so please,  NO MORE SNOW !

Lovely to be back home at Bratton View

Been away for 5 weeks in Norfolk, Suffolk, Wales, Buckinghamshire..It is very cold now and the light snow and blizzards have killed all the new shoots and the daffodils look very sorry for themselves. No doubt a few warmer days now will bring everything back to life. Roll on Spring!!  Easter still available at no increase charge.

Easter bookings,no price increase for Easter book now to avoid disappointment

Signs of Spring all over the garden, and the birds are using the nest boxes. Easter still available as I write this,,same price for Easter , we do not have high season increases in price here at Bratton View.

Bratton View available for Easter so far !!!

Luxury apartment available for Easter , same price throughout the year. Book soon at Bratton View to avoid disappointment.

Wet Wet Wet !!!

The snow has now gone and we had a lovely day on Sunday. The primroses have started to flower and the crocus's are out, let us hope we have more sunshine soon.
The pheasants have come back for breakfast every morning and the birds are investigating the nest boxes
Our little stepping stones over the stream in Bratton Fleming's community woodland have been swept away by all the flood water we have experienced over the past weeks.

Daffs in January on Exmoor !

Daffs in the snow on top of Exmoor JAN 2013.

Snowed in !! here at Bratton View

The Snow was bad in the lane but now it has gone, but the wind and the rain is as bad as I can remember !!!Went for a walk in Challacombe in the snow, could not get any further, all cars had to turn back, but I was amazed to see the first daffodil of the year in a devon bank.

Snow here at Bratton View

The Snow has finally arrived here at Bratton View..Blizzards, cold but a beautiful view. Cleared a path for the birds and any other little animal wanting some food, keeping all scraps. The animals here on Exmoor are having a hard time. We cannot get the car out at all but we are warm.